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Inhabited during the Middle and Late Iron Age by Semigallians, the 12 m high Vilce hillfort is located at the confluence of the Vilce and Rukūze rivers. The plateau of the hillfort is not large – 10 x 5 m, most of it has been washed away by the River Vilce. To the south of the hillfort, outside the fortifications, there is a larger levelled area where the forecourt may have been. In 1959 and 1966, the hillfort was surveyed by Ē. Mugurevičs and M. Atgāzis, who found a cultural layer and several antiquities, thus obtaining evidence to consider this ancient site as a real hillfort. From the Vilce manor, you can go along the walking path to the hillfort and from its top you can see the valley and Rukūze sandstone outcrops. Next to the hillfort are the Zaķu pļava grassland and Vilce ravine, one of the favourite places of activity of the legendary robber Kaupēns.



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Nature / landscape