Trained and certified guides of Zemgale Planning Region that offer tours along the route "Balts Road" (about Semigallians and Selonians)



Agrita Ārgale [email protected], 29228868 LV, GER Selonia whole region
Alise Limanska [email protected], 20359414 LV, ENG Zemgale whole region
Anita Kozuliņa [email protected] LV, RU Zemgale Zemgale region, Dobele region
Baiba Līviņa [email protected] LV, RU, ENG, LT (?) Zemgale and Selonia whole region
Benita Rugaine [email protected] LV, ENG, RU Selonia Aizkraukle region and surrounding
Daiga Dūniņa [email protected] LV, RU Selonia and Zemgale whole region
Elīna Kļaviņa [email protected] LV, ENG Zemgale Bauska region
Ērika Berga [email protected]/29126551 LV, ENG Zemgale  
Ilze Kriķe [email protected]/ 29694956 ENG, SPA, PORT Zemgale Zemgale region
Ina Jurģe [email protected] LV, RU Zemgale un Sēlija whole region
Inese Roze [email protected] LV Selonia whole region
Iveta Ločmele [email protected],29892925 LV, RU Selonia The territory of Selia
Jānis Dzimtais [email protected] LV, LT Selonia Viesite
Kristīne Bēra-Gurtiņa [email protected], 26305304 GER, ENG Zemgale + Selonia whole region
Kristīne Sprula [email protected] / +371 28379365 LV, ENG, RU Zemgale  
Linda Karole [email protected] IT, ENG, LV Zemgale  
Marika Sūruma [email protected], 29266802 LV Selonia Nereta and surroundings
Marina Kručāne [email protected],  +37129684831 LV, ENG, GER, RUS Selonia, Zemgale whole region
Natālija Trone [email protected] /26496452 LV, RU Zemgale whole region
Renāte Lenša [email protected] / 26233225 LV, RU Selonia Jekabpils region
Ričards Šmits [email protected], +37120034392 LV, RU Selonia whole reion
Signe Tarziere [email protected], +37122334146 LV, ENG Selonia Aizkraukle, Jaunjelgava, Sunākste, Viesite
Žanna Miezīte [email protected], +371 29339832 LV, RU Selonia Nereta and surroundings