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Just less than 1 km away from the Stelmužė oak, the Stone of the Plains is hidden in the forest. It has not been explored or excavated to this day, only a wide surface of 18 m can be seen. It is difficult to determine how much this stone descends and whether it is at all inferior to its brother Puntukas, because most of it is hidden in the ground, covered with trees. The shape of the boulder is irregular and angular, it is elongated. Like many unknowns, the Stone of the Plains has its secrets behind the cloak of submission. The Devil Giant rushed to the Earth, found a stone and is already lifting it on his shoulders, but the stone does not move. One way or another, the Giant Devil tried to move the stone, but it did not budge. The Devil Giant returned to Hell and told the Devil King all this. Then the commander told him to feed him as best as possible and not to force him to work for three days so that he would get stronger. Three days later, when the Devil Giant felt that he was three times stronger than before, the Devil King sent him back to Earth and told him to deliver the stone to the first roosters. The Devil Giant, running to Earth, made a mistake and turned the wrong way. When he turned around, it was already starting to dawn. Fearing the Devil King’s punishment, the Devil Giant rushed back, falling, lifted a giant boulder from the fields of Lithuania on his shoulders and began to rejoice that he would hand it to the King. The gates of hell were not far away either... When Thenenly the rooster crowed! Terrified, the Devil Giant let go of the stone and fled to Hell. At the moment when the stone fell, the whole Earth shook from it, and the stone itself crashed into it. Hills,  mountains, and ravines appeared from the impact of the stone. In memory of the past, the name of the Stone of the Plains remained for that boulder



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Nature / landscape