Šiauliai Tourism Information Centre



The archaeological exposition of the museum “The history of Šiauliai region from ancient times to the 17th century” reflects life in Šiauliai and its surroundings since the Stone Age. Visitors will see a stone axe hole drilling device and are explained the way stone axes were made. The life in ancient times is revealed with the exhibited tools, weapons, jewellery, trade items and other valuable archaeological evidence. The museum offers several educational programs: “Ancient garments and Balts’ jewellery”, “Making pots like in the ancient times” and “Archaeological excavations”. The educational program “Ancient garments and Balts’ jewellery” introduces groups and individual visitors with the ancient garments and their elements, materials, design and making of the garments. The restored garments are available for try-on. The programme offers hands-on experience in jewellery-making, during which visitors may create their own ring. Once, jewellery was an important element of clothing, and ornaments had a symbolic role. The ethnographic exposition “Fieldwork and social life of farmers” tells about the life, work, rituals and annual celebrations of farmers in Samogitia and Šiauliai, depicting the period from the 18th until the first part of the 20th century. Visitors will see household items and a farmer’s house. Extend your visit and enjoy other educational programs: “Candle-making”, “Clay whistles”, “Christmas Decorations from Straws”.



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