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Raginėnai Mound/Hill of Witches is one of the most mysterious mounds in northcentral Lithuania, dating back to the 1st2nd millennium BC. It is situated on a high hill, surrounded by Daugyvenė, a ravine, a ditch and a rampart. The site is square, elongated, 20x10 m. Below the top of the rampart is a 5 m wide terrace, and below the terrace is a 5 m wide ditch with a 5 m wide bottom, beyond which is a second rampart, 2 m high and 12 m wide. The slopes are steep, around 9 m high. The 3.74 ha area has a foothill settlement (excavated in 1996), where a cultural layer up to 20 cm thick has been found, including a hearth, a pillar site, a clay weight, coarse, plain, and thrown pottery, as well as bones of animals. The legends tell of goddesses, fairies and witches who lived on Raginėnai Mound. It is believed that at some point, witches used to be burnt here. Once, a woman was pulling flax and forgot her child. In the evening, she came back to see the fairies surrounding the child, cradling him. Scared, she ran away without her child. In the morning, she went again and found the child beautifully dressed. Another woman deliberately took the child. The fairies began to sway the child, soothing him. But when the mother came, she found the child dead. This is what the goddesses used to do. The goddesses went to the mound because it was a sacred place.



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