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Lake Vilkmuiža is a special and unique ancient location which dates back to the 11th – 14th century. It was used by ancient Curonians as a place for fire graves, and that speaks to the burial traditions that existed at that time. On the eastern shore of the lake was a place where dead people were burned, and together with that person, weapons, tools and jewellery were also burned. The remnants of each fire were sunk into the lake. Archaeologists have found bronze bracelets, broaches and necklaces, iron weapons, horse-related equipment, ride equipment, as well as a one-log boat during digs in and around the lake. The Talsi County Museum has an exhibition that was organised in 2012 – “The Ancient Graves of Lake Vilkmuiža”. The exhibition features more than 600 antiquities that were dug up by archaeologists. The latest research suggests an alternative possibility – that the antiquities fell into the water because the ancient grave things on the shore were washed into the water because of changes in the water level during the course of the year. A nice and comfortable trail leads all around the lake, while fans of longer hikes can merge the one which goes around the lake with the Talsi promenade. They are close to one another, and the total length is around 5 km. Both trails are appropriate for parents with prams and visitors in a wheelchair with an assistant. 



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