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Once powerful and mighty, Dignāja Hillfort is located about 300 m from the River Daugava, opposite of Jersika Hillfort. According to researchers, until the 10th century, Dignāja was more important than Jersika Castle. Inhabited since the 1st millennium BC, but later Dignāja was a fortified Selonian settlement. In the late Iron Age, the hillfort’s defence structures were located on the edges of the hillfort. The fact that there were dwelling houses on the plateau of the hillfort is supported by the remains of clay stucco ovens and fireplace on the plateau. Later discoveries link it to the beginning of the 13th century. There are stories about Dignāja Hillfort telling that there is an underground passage running under the River Daugava and connecting it with Jersika Hillfort on the other side of the river. As the hillfort is not overgrown with trees, it offers beautiful landscape views of the Daugava valley.



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