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The Bernāti nature park and its seashore dune forest are special because of the terrain. This is one of the greatest treasures of Southern Kurzeme. The park has 7 educational paths with more than 150 environmental objects including sculptures, pergolas, a viewing tower, frames for landscapes, etc. These objects reveal the heritage of antiquity – written characters, as well as stories about Southern Kurzeme and Nīca. Each path is devoted to a specific god or goddess from Latvian mythology – the Sun, Laima, God, Thunder, Jumītis, Māra and the Moon. Each path starts and ends with specific symbols and gates. Each is different and encourages different feelings and activities. The longest path is the one that is devoted to the goddess Māra (1,4 km) and it also has the most beautiful landscapes and terrain. The path dedicated to Laima is the central one and weaves throughout the park. The Sun path involves lots of sandy dunes and a viewing tower that is in the form of a boat. Take the Moon path if you wish to swing, or the Jumītis path if you want to cross a bridge and pass through two impressive wooden figures of Curonians, each standing some 5 m high. There are two Thunder paths, 44. each at its own end of the park. This symbolises two flashes of lightning. Finally, the God path is the shortest, but mightiest of the paths, because it is in a valley between two high dunes. The path has two benches where visitors can sit down, think about what they have seen, and enjoy the mightiness of this place.



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