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Briefly about the route
150 km
14.5 h.
Route surface
95% Asphalt
5% Dirt road

Route: Embūte – Durbe – Grobiņa – Liepāja – Rucava – Dunika –  Embūte 

According to ancient chronicles and Scandinavian rune stones, Couronians have been great seafarers, raiders, soldiers, also traders, and  at times of peace – skilled crop-growers and livestock breeders. A legend tells that Danes used to pray to God: “God, protect us from the Couroni ans!” To understand where Couronians got their skills and strength from, one shall travel to the hillforts of Kurzeme (Courland) and visit places of  natural power.  
In ancient times, Embūte was home to one of the greatest  Couronian castles, where the brave Indulis ruled and the Devil is said to  have assisted him.  
The power of Couronians becomes evident in one of the most  important battles of the 13th century in Durbe where Latvians and Lithuanians fought shoulder to shoulder, defeating the Crusader troops. To enjoy active holidays, pay a visit to the Active Tourism Centre “Couronian Viking settlement” in Grobiņa, formerly known under the name of Jūrpils or Seeburg, which was once an important centre of Couronians and Norsemen. A Couronian barge will take you on an exciting boat trip along the River Ālande to Grobiņa. The history of Couronians is also told by the Liepāja Museum. One will  find horses and wild oxen grazing in Pape Nature Park. Horses were used by Couronians to allow for faster movement through  forested areas during wartime period. Equally important was the  armament of warriors, the remains of which have been found in the Dunika Bog. Nowadays, it is an excellent place for hiking and  enjoying nature with one of the longest bog trails in Latvia leading  through it. 
The route also includes the Liepāja Crafts House, Pape Ķoņu village, a shermen’s farmstead “Vītolnieki”, the Ethnographic House “Zvanītāji” and Leju Sacred Spring.



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