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The former wooden castle on Vosgėliai Hillfort (Vosgėlių piliakalnis) was probably associated with the 13th century ruler Vaisgel from Nalsia. It is among the most outstanding and picturesque hillforts of Selonia, and archaeological research shows that it has been inhabited from the 1st millenium BC until the 14th century. Stone axes, items from bone and molds for metal casting, jewellery, iron arrows and tools were found on the hillfort. Legends about Vosgėliai Hillfort tell of the witch Laumi, a Swedish church covered with soil and the world of Balts’ mythology. There is a stone at the hillfort, which, according to the stories, covers the entrance to the underground and in the evenings, there appears an idler – the evil spirit. Perhaps this is where the door lock of the sunken church is hidden?

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Nature / landscape