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This nature trail involves three lovely valleys. The first stretches to the Ugāle hillfort, which was used in 1851 to install a graveyard for the Baron von Behr family of the local manor. Legend has it that there was once a Latvian castle at that place, but it sank into the ground. The baron ordered men to dig it back up. They worked night and day, but then a deer dressed in green rushed up to them and told them to stop, because otherwise bad things would happen. Thus the castle remained underground. Another legend holds that there was a deep river running alongside the hillfort, with large boats sailing up and down the river. One of the boats sank, and its masts turned into pine trees which can still be seen today. Beyond the hillfort, the trail continues to a second valley with a little stream and lots of beavers. The third valley is the deepest one and offers the most beautiful landscape. 



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