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This impressive and beautiful hillfort is on a massive hillock which opens up a view of the Varniai valley.You will spot several lakes and several other hillfort hillocks in the same region. The Sprūdė hillfort is like a secretive pyramid which emphasises the loveliest hillocks of Žemaitija and reminds us of the wealthy and ornate past of the ancient Balts. Historians and archaeologists believe that this hillfort dates back to the age when battles were waged against Crusaders. Defensive moats, tracks of a barrier stretching 4 m high and an old entrance to the former castle can still be seen. The legend is that the brother of Lithuanian King Mindaugas built a wooden castle here, with cellars and hiding places underneath it. Angered by the king, the brother fled to Žemaitija and built a castle on the Sprūdė hill, which he owned. This was the safest and most protectable place for him to be, but the king found him there anyway.



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Nature / landscape