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The Paršežeris recreational trail weaves around Lake Paršežieris and it is in the Varniai Regional Park. The trail will let you observe the typical landscape of Žemaitija, including damp shores of lakes and swamps with wooden footpaths. Elsewhere the route leads along roads or meadow trails. Start at the car park where the trail begins, and you will pass through the village of Reškėtis, where people who fell during a riot in 1863 are buried. The trail then leads to Šilinkalnis and on to the Paršpilis hillfort, along which we find Parškalnis, which is a site of ancient settlement. Further along, the trail will wind past the ancient graves of Burbiškiai and take you to the Sietuva grove of stones. On the way back, you can visit a mythological stream that is known as the “Sauna of giants”. There is 97. 98. down in 1329. All told, some 20 raids against Medvegalis have been recorded in history. According to a legend the name is based on two courageous young ladies who knew the back roads of the region and helped to save the defenders of the besieged castle. When it came time to decide who will inform other hillforts about the siege, one of the girls said “Mudvi galiva,” which means “we both will”. Off they went, and that was the origin of the name Medvegalis. Karūžiške village, Šilalė District GPS Lat: 55.61713, Lon: 22.38333 a bridge at the stream which leads to the right bank of the Sietuva. Here the trail will lead you to the Piauniai forest and a high swamp that is crossed by a wooden footpath



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