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This archaeological complex consists of seven hillocks and valleys. The Medvegalis hillock is said to be the king of the local highlands, standing 234,6 m above sea level. This is the highest point in Žemaitija and the hillock offers a lovely view of the surrounding area. It is said that from the surface, one can spot 14 church towers, countless other hillocks, as well as Šatrija, which is at a distance of 30 km. Archaeological finds have dated the hillfort back to the 1st millennium ID. A wooden castle was first cited in writing in 1316, when it was attacked by Crusaders. Medvegalis was the central and most famous fortress in defending Žemaitija against Crusader raids. The Crusaders burned the castle down in 1329. All told, some 20 raids against Medvegalis have been recorded in history. According to a legend the name is based on two courageous young ladies who knew the back roads of the region and helped to save the defenders of the besieged castle. When it came time to decide who will inform other hillforts about the siege, one of the girls said “Mudvi galiva,” which means “we both will”. Off they went, and that was the origin of the name Medvegalis.



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Nature / landscape