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In the 20th century the old observatory of Vilnius University was surrounded by city lights, dust and smoke. Then they started looking for a new location for the observatory in Lithuania. It was decided that the most suitable would be the hill of the village of Kulionii, surrounded by Lake Želva, located outside Molėtai. For ethnic culture enthusiasts Dr. Astronomical Observatory staff leader. Gunars Kakar and the head of the Institute of Semiconductor Physics. to research associate dr. The idea of ​​ethnocosmology was born in Lithuania after Liberts Klimka found common themes - the connections of the Lithuanian nation with the sky, the Sun, the Moon, and the stars. in 1990 At the beginning of spring, the Museum of Ethnocosmology was established by the decision of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences. It became the first and only museum of its kind in the world. The essence of the museum is the connection of man and humanity with the cosmic world, its reflection and manifestation in the traditions of the nation's life, science, art, philosophy and elsewhere. in 1997 the museum telescope was put into operation in autumn. Ten years later, the museum was reconstructed. The authors of the project, R. Krištapavičius and A. Gudaitis, surrounded by buildings like spaceships from the future forests and lakes. A telescope for visitors was also purchased. in 2010 the museum already had two telescopes for night observations. Scientists and students of all Lithuanian science and study institutions can make observations in the updated museum of ethnocosmology. Molėtai region has always been well known for two things - picturesque lakes and recreation near them and stars - the only Ethnocosmology Museum in Lithuania and Europe. The museum is equipped with educational classrooms, the museum exposition has been updated, and a spacious waiting room and event space are also equipped. The interior is like a space station. Now visitors feel like they are in a fairy tale in the spaces of the museum, where new experiences and unexpected discoveries await them in every room. Every space a visitor enters is different - like another Universe, another planet, another world. One hall tells about Mikalojs Konstantinas Čiurlionis and his vision, another - about the Lithuanian ethnic experience, another hall tells about astronomy and constellations. Yes, seven topics are discussed as you walk through the halls.

Visitors are told about the perception of the world from the past, and then they travel through different topics to modern times - the current scientific understanding of the Universe, while also discussing unanswered questions. And finally falls into the 30s. an observation deck at a height. The surroundings of Aukštaitija, 6 surrounding lakes - will not leave you indifferent. Want to look at the moon, the stars? You can book a night tour of the telescope (when the sky is clear ).