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The Kurtuvėnai hillfort and settlement are also known as the Kapa hillfort. It is found on a separate hill which is surrounded by a swamp on the southern, south-eastern and south-western sides. The mesa of the hill is oval and longer in the north-south direction, with a total of 68 x 27 m. The sides are steep and 4 – 5 m high. The hillfort was severely damaged by a church that stood atop it from the 15th to the 18th century and the graveyard which surrounded it. The northern slope was destroyed by the construction of a road. Today the hillfort is covered by trees, while the mesa still contains a cemetery, but now has a wooden chapel. The hillfort has been dated back to the 1st millennium AD. At one time there was a carved rock on the hill which weighed around 100 kg, had a circumference of 50 cm and was up to 30 cm high. After Christianity came to the region, a wooden church was built on the hillfort. The rock was used to store holy water. The church burned down in the 19th century and the rock remained outside the chapel that was subsequently built. In 2009, sadly, someone stole the rock. 



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Nature / landscape