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When you arrive in the Kupiškis region, be sure to visit the ethnographic museum - a place of deep traditions and the accumulated experience of the old Kupiškės people, presenting to the visitor the 19th century. help - 20th century Ave. the exposition of the rural life and the cycle of life, various educational activities, exhibitions of contemporary art, works of folk artists and invitations to meetings with well-known people of our region.

The exhibits in the museum allow you to experience that harmony with nature, respect for the family, and endless hard work have prevailed in the life of a villager since ancient times. Ethnographic clothing, fabrics, works of sacred folk art, household rakes and tillage implements, part of archaeological finds from the museum's collections are displayed in the exposition.

The interior of the museum exposition is original, here the elements of modernity and traditional rural hut are interwoven very creatively.

The interior was created by the famous architect Gražina Pajarskaitė, a member of the National Museum of Lithuania, who is now of bright memory.

Currently, the Kupiškis Museum of Ethnography has three structural divisions: the Adams Petrauskas Museum, the Veronika Šleivytė Picture Gallery and the Laukminiškii Village Museum.



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