Šiauliai Tourism Information Centre


Nations of Lithuania and Latvia are since long close neighbours that are connected by ancient Balts‘ culture. In order to foster and popularise this intrinsic culture the project International Cultural Route „Balts‘ Road“ is implemented. It aims to stimulate interest of locals and residents of other countries in regions of Lithuania and Latvia, in ancient traditions and crafts. On the 27th and 28th of April we participated in the exhibition „Days of Entrepreneurs in Zemgale“ where we presented the project to the society of Latvia for the first time.

In the exhibition our brothers Latvians immersed themselves in the Balts‘ culture with great enthusiasm. With the help of the virtual reality film they from a bird‘s eye view observed the territories inhabited by Balts‘ tribes, felt the rhythm of wild nature and breath of lynxes and admired an ancient craft – tying grasses (in the virtual reality film straw dolls and home decorative accessories were made by tying grasses).

When presenting the project we also invited the exhibition participants to get acquainted with the project‘s territory and developed tourism itinerary, also to try their hands at  a traditional craft – forging. We are grateful to the representatives of „Ladybird‘s Farm“ („Boružės ūkis“) who supplemented to our stand and presented this craft. Thanks to them, everyone who wished could make a unique Baltic amulet which would bring them luck everyday.