All who attended the projects’ Intercultural Route “Balts’ Road” information seminar in Telsiai were filled with extraordinary emotions and pride in inherent and Balts’ culture. Those who foster, guard and are concerned with Balts’ culture in Telsiai together with seminar lecturers (Denisas Nikitenka, Judita Stulpinaitė, Vykintas Vaitkevičius) examined objects of natural and cultural heritage, possibility of their adaptation for today’s traveler, value that is being created and emotions provided by them.

During the seminar we presented the project Intercultural Route “Balts’ Road”, the developed tourist route “Balts’ Road”, work carried-out and the results pursued. Seminar participants saw the quite recently presented virtual reality movie presenting colourful natural heritage. Participants immersed themselves in wild nature, felt the breath of lynxes and explored the surroundings from a bird’s-eye-view. All those who are concerned with project’s activities and tourist route that is being developed, business and tourism representatives, also service providers will have an opportunity to participate in project’s trainings and become visible in the developed tourist route.


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